Ice Bag and Mallet (Wooden Hammer) Ice Bag and Mallet (Wooden Hammer)
Ice Bag and Mallet (Wooden Hammer) Rs. 490.00
ULTRA DURABLE HAMMER: Although light in weight but super strong, this wooden mallet makes fresh crushed ice for cocktails and other summer drinks. TOP QUALITY HALE (IVORY) WOOD: Made from Ivory wood, our mallets will last for years without degrading.  PERFECT FOR HOME OR A PREMIUM BAR: The Ice bag set is ideal for House parties or a fine cocktail bar.  HEAVY-DUTY CANVAS BAG: We paired our powerful ice hammer with a heavy duty canvas crushed ice bag. The bag is big enough for 2-3 cocktails. 
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Shaker And Peg Measure Shaker And Peg Measure
Shaker And Peg Measure Rs. 499.00 Rs. 999.00
  Shaker (Big Size - 500ml) & Jigger / Peg Measure I Matt Finish I 304 Food grade Stainless Steel I Professional Bar Accessory I House Party Kit  This shaker and peg measure set is your perfect sidekick for any bar! Measure out the perfect drinks with this accurate and easy-to-use mixture of a shaker and peg measure. Get ready to be a bartender extraordinaire! Bottoms up! CONSISTENT & BALANCED COCKTAILS – Cocktails are all about the Right Balance and there is no way to get that Right unless you have a Peg Measure handy.   ALWAYS CHILLED, ALWAYS PERFECT – No cocktail ever tasted good if not chilled enough. Shaking a cocktail in a Professional Shaker ensures a perfect blend in the right temperature. You always get a Perfect Serve.   PRO BARTENDER LIKE COCKTAILS – You don’t need to be professionally trained to make Bar-like cocktails. This simple Kit is enough to churn out well balanced & great cocktails. Perfect for Martinis, Margaritas, Classic cocktails (Mojito, Cosmopolitan, Bloody Mary, Whisky Sour), Vodka Shots (Kamikaze) and more.   INBUILT STRAINER - The cocktail shaker set is a version of a classic design that’s easy to use. It has an inbuilt strainer to leave the big chunks and ice pieces dropping into your cocktail glass.  
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Premium Magnetic Bottle Opener (Set of 2) Premium Magnetic Bottle Opener (Set of 2)
Premium Magnetic Bottle Opener (Set of 2) Rs. 299.00 Rs. 599.00
PREMIUM QUALITY – Made in highly durable, heavy duty material with carefully rounded edges to avoid any harm while opening. Opens any bottle with a crown cap. Perfect for Beer, Soft drinks, Kombucha, Cocktail mixes, Iced Teas and more. UNIQUE & AMPERSAND SHAPE – A great looking opener reflects your fine taste and will surely be a talk point in your party. USE IT WITH OR WITHOUT A MAGNET – Each opener comes with detachable magnet giving you the flexibility of using them on any metallic surface. PERFECT GIFT – Best gifts are the ones that are unique, new and exciting. These openers are nothing less than a big WOW for your bestie.
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Natural Wooden Cork Coasters Natural Wooden Cork Coasters
Natural Wooden Cork Coasters Rs. 299.00 Rs. 400.00
&Stirred Cocktail Mix - Natural Wooden Cork Coasters, Set of 6 I Ampersand & Shaped I 5mm Thick I for Cocktails, Mocktails, Tea & Coffee I Heat & Water Resistant | Reusable Protect your furniture with a set of Natural Wooden Cork Coasters! Not only are these coasters stylish, but they're also ultra-absorbent, so even your clumsiest friends won't leave a mark on your tables. Get your hands on a set and give your tables the protection they deserve! · PROTECTS YOUR FURNITURE – Use our extra absorbent coasters to protect your tabletop or any furniture from Scratches, water drips, spills, and condensation moisture. Great for any surface - wood, glass, stone, tiles, and more. · BUILT TO LAST – Made from natural cork material, each of our drink coaster is strong and sturdy enough to last for years. · 100% NATURAL & ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY · PERFECT GIFT – These unique Ampersand shaped coasters are a perfect gift for any occasion. · LIGHT YET DURABLE – These thick lightweight cork coasters are the lightest in weight yet lasts long enough