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About Us

Fine Spirits deserve a Great Mixer.

Inspite of the best spirits you indulge in, your choice of mixers are simply boring and limited to either a Tetra juice or a Carbonated Soft drink.

We are the 3rd but a better rather the perfect mix.

& Stirred is a simple, no fuss mix balanced to perfection like any professional bartender’s concoction that offers consistent and great tasting cocktails anytime, everytime.


~ Discover our story ~

Most people I know love drinking cocktails but don’t land up drinking often.

Reasons -

  1. Don’t know how to make them.
  2. Too much of an effort.
  3. Will never have everything that goes into making one.

Every time I have invited a group of friends over, I have spent more time behind the bar making those simple but better drinks than having a tete-a-tete. Tetra juices and carbonated sodas are just not me.

That’s when a question popped in my head – There has to be a better option of making those amazing cocktails.

This triggered the launch of ‘& Stirred’ cocktail mix, the simplest and most convenient way of making perfect cocktails / mocktails. Anytime Anywhere.

I hope you love & Stirred as much as I did creating it.

— Rakesh Sheth